Turn your sales team into a success machine!

Train your team and beat your competition!

Untrained Account Managers New Business can cost you hundreds of thousands of euros in missed sales.

The skills needed to be successful are constantly changing!

How does it work?

A new business method based on scientific principles that we test daily in practice on our sales floor

Nail A Niche

Know Your Niche

Personalize Your Message

Stop Selling, Start Adding

Multichannel Your Outreach

Design Your Cadence

Tim Koelewijn

Sales Development Representative - Workspace 365

Since the training of Match-day, I focus much more on the customer. I put the potential customer at ease so that he does not have the feeling that he is dealing with a pushy salesman. This has led to much higher conversions!

Bastiaan Clement

Director - style cnc

Match-day is unique within this conservative market. With respect to new business there was a substantial gap to fill. That is where Match-day came in.

A well-trained new business team leads to incredible results!

Ready to make legends out of your sales team?

We have helped hundreds of account managers to become New Business Legends!

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The New Business Sales Make-Over

Ontdek waarom jouw groei stagneert en hoe je komt tot structurele groei.

In vier video’s, elk korter dan 5 minuten, zullen we het volgende met je bespreken:

– Waarom hapert jouw sales funnel?

– Welke twee systemen zijn het overwegen waard voor B2B-groei?

– Hoe kun je zo’n systeem binnen jouw bedrijf implementeren?

– Wat zijn de voor- en nadelen van het uitbesteden van salesactiviteiten?

Is dit iets wat jou en jouw bedrijf bezighoudt? Meld je hieronder aan!