Let us build your new business machine

Become world-famous in the market you want to grow in

Make your sales scalable and predictable and prevent your sales pipeline from drying up!

We have booked over 12,500 high value meetings with our clients' favourite prospects

How does it work?

A new business method based on scientific principles that we test daily in practice on our sales floor

Nail A Niche

We create an ideal customer profile and determine in which market we are going to excel compared to competitors!

Know Your Niche

We map out your market potential and make it predictable when you will do New Business!

Personalize Your Message

We build a proposition with a personalised message for each prospect.

Stop Selling, Start Adding

We think of ways to stay in touch and add value for prospects who are not yet in buying mode.

Multichannel Your Outreach

We use personal data and a mix of channels and tooling to book meetings.

Design Your Cadence

We develop a process with waves to reach the prospect at the right time.

What does it deliver?

Match-day is something new in this conservative market


There was a big black hole in the field of new business. For this reason, we entered into cooperation with Match-day.

Bastiaan Clement - Style CNC

At the table of companies that we previously did not come to the table


What we encountered was that we were mainly busy with existing customers and not with new business. Match-day makes sure that we get to the table of these customers.

Marcel Gros - Rhenus Lub

You cannot use yesterday's new business methods today and expect to be in business tomorrow!

Stop waiting for customers to come to you

We have helped more than a hundred companies in the manufacturing industry. Want to know how? Let's chat!

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